The 3G Marketplace boasts a rich culture of honesty, transparency, and trust among sellers and buyers. We hold a diverse and inclusive customer-baseand seller-base – formed by our global reach that brings the threads of many cultures and colors together to form a rich tapestry. Harboring such a large variety of talents and customers from across the globe and multiple countries, it is our platform’s need and demand to conduct events for sellers as well as buyers.

Events for Sellers

Become a part of the 3G Marketplace’s events for sellers and enjoy exclusive perks related to the marketing of your products and the resources you can leverage for your customers, find brand-new themes for your storefront, and benefit from a chance to learn and grow in collaboration with the Marketplace’s most seasoned professionals.

Our events are intended to offer our sellers a chance to enjoy themselves as a significant part of the marketplace. We will help you grow your customer base and earn increased profits through highly productive schemes, offers, and tutorials from experts in your field. Not only that, but you will be able to enjoy all the discounts in sales initiated for the buyers’ benefit as well. Learn more about the upcoming events for sellers by visiting our events page regularly!

Events for Buyers

One of the best things about the events leveraged by the 3G Marketplace is that the buyers are treated with exclusive deals, discounts, and promotional codes and coupons during the event sale. They can enjoy themselves by purchasing their favorite products at low and discounted prices – much more affordable than the regular ones. That is what makes the time of an event one of the busiest periods for the 3G Marketplace. Learn more about the upcoming events for buyers by visiting our events page regularly!